"Sekhmet the Eye of Ra"/ November 2014

"Sekhmet the Eye of Ra"/ November 2014
"Sekhmet the Eye of Ra"/ November 2014 / Extra fine watercolor, 22 karat gold, lapis lazuli, Austrian crystal

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Photo Essay: A Dazzling Goddess/ Hwt-Her Mistress of the Sky

"Hwt-Her-Mistress of the Sky"~ An original Kemetic icon by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa
Extra fine watercolor, gold, semi-precious stones on 8"x10" archival panel 

Genuine mineral pigments used as watercolor:
Lapis lazuli (sourced from Chile), Amethyst (Soladad, Brazil), Bloodstone (Alaska, USA), Jadeite (Alaska, USA), Piemontite (Alaska, USA), Rhodonite (Bellahorizonte, Brazil), hydrated iron oxide (red and yellow ochre)
22 karat gold, turquoise (Tibet), Shattuckite with malachite (from the Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona).
Austrian crystal elements by Swarovski®.

Archival prints of "Hwt-Her Mistress of the Sky" are now available at FineArtBistro.
ALL photos presented here are courtesy of Hunter Howatt of Pixels & Ink
Master iconographer Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa holds his latest masterpiece "Hwt-Her Mistress of the Sky"

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