"Sekhmet the Eye of Ra"/ November 2014

"Sekhmet the Eye of Ra"/ November 2014
"Sekhmet the Eye of Ra"/ November 2014 / Extra fine watercolor, 22 karat gold, lapis lazuli, Austrian crystal

Sunday, December 28, 2014

"My" Icons, More Than Archetypes

"Bes the Magical Protector" by Ptahmassu Nofra-Uaa

My icons are very much part of an active dialogue between the Gods and humankind. They reveal a two-way, reciprocal relationship between the human heart and the living Gods.

The Netjeru, the Goddesses and Gods of Kemet, are not mere archetypes or constructs of the human mind. They are divine personalities, beings Who manifest through creation and as creation. The Netjeru in Their cult images in Shrine or Temple are drawn into our world by way of the Daily Ritual and offerings of the Cult.

The Divine Cult is a body of sacred practices that invites and entices our Gods to maintain Their presences and blessings in the human world. It is through the cult image or icon that a meeting place between the Netjer and humanity is established.

Thus my icons are that meeting place, and they open a door for the Netjer to enter and commune with the devotee. I also feel that my icons are a snapshot or record of the ways in which I have been touched directly by the Netjeru.

My icons are the product of dreams and visions seen during incubation in the Temple, where I sleep or meditate in front of the Shrines in order to receive the images I will paint. So, my icons are a record of what I have seen and experienced as I have engaged a deity and invited Them to communicate with me. The viewer will then be able to experience those same images I experienced during incubation, and each person has the potential to be spiritually touched directly by the Netjer just as I am.

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